• 57)They arrived ___London__November 14th and left___Oxford___December.
    58)Tom is so good __mannered. We get__well__him.
    59)Sign your name __the bottom __the page.
    60)They can leave school__the age__16.
    61)She was rude__me yesterday and she hasn't apologized __me__it yet.
    62)The market is opposite __that house.
    63)I wasn't impressed __the film.
    64)It's my birthday __the 27th__July.
    65)__the time we arrived__the Brown's their house was full__guests.
    66)At last I opened the can__a knife.
    67)I am not satisfied __my progress__Maths.
    68)Did you do it__purprose?
    69)Look!The smith's house is__fire!
    70)Do you think he is still angre__me__my behaviour?
    71)David was angry __himself __letting tge others see his true feelings.

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