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  • X. Replace Russian words by their English equivalents:
    Miss Roda (заказала) her breakfast. Tea, poached eggs, (свежие булочки). So adept was the chambermaid that she did not even mention cereals or orange juice.
    Five minutes later breakfast came. A (удобный поднос) with a big pot-bellied teapot, creamy-looking milk, (серебряный кувшин горячей воды). Two beautifully poached eggs on toast, poached the proper way, not little round hard bullets shaped in tin cups, a good-sized round of butter stamped with (чертополох). Marmalade, hon¬ey, and (клубничный джем). Delicious-looking rolls, not the hard kind with papery interiors — they smelled of fresh bread, (самый вкусный запах в мире!). There were also an apple, a pear, and a banana.
    Miss Roda inserted a knife gingerly but (с уверенностью). She was not (разочарована). Rich deep yellow (желток) oozed out, thick and creamy. Proper eggs!
    Everything piping hot. A real breakfast. She could have (приготовила) it herself but she hadn't had to! It was brought to her as if — no, not as though she were a queen — as though she were a middle-aged lady staying in a good (дорогой отель). She expressed apprecia¬tion to the chambermaid who replied smiling, "Oh, yes, madam, the chef is (особенно разборчив) about his breakfasts."

  • Odered, fresh buns,handy tray, a siler jug with hot water,thistle, strawberry jam,the tastiest smell in the world, with certainty, disappointed, yolk, made, expensive hotel, especially choosy.