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  • One of the most important 1)(средство связи)---→means of communication by pictures and sounds is the television. People 2)(смотрят)---→watch TV to find out what 3)(происходит)---→is happening the world and to 4)(развлечь)---→entertained themselves. The TV is another source that we can learn about lands far away people and places.
    Radio is important , too. It 5)(обеспечивает)---→provides us with music and talk shows, we hear the news and can 6)(слушать)---→listen to different 7)(мнения)---→opinions of controversial subjects. People can communicate a loy more quickly between any two points either on land, at sea, at the sky, or also in space 8)(при помощи)---→ using the radio.
    Television and radio have changed 9)(способ)---→ process we 10)(смотрим)---→look the world.