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    Indeed, brown bears are beautiful, powerful creatures with fur varying in colour from cream to almost black. They are huge animals which have sharp claws up to 15 cm in length, and weigh up to 700 kg-

    Contrary to popular belief, up to 90% of a brown bear's food is made up of vegetable matter, such as berries, roots and fungi. However, they also eat fish, insects, mammals such as squirrels and deer, and an enormous amount of moths in the summer, sometimes as many as 40 000 in a day.

    However, bears are not always the cuddly animals that are commonly portayed in cartoons and fairy tales. People often don't realise just how dangerous brown bears can be. It is not unusual to see tourists in Russia walking along paths that bears commonly use.

    Sometimes, too, villagers go out to gather berries from bushes which are within a few metres of a bear's territory.

    Whilst it is relatively rare for bears to attack humans, they still kill ten people per year on average in Russia. Attacks only usually - happen, however, either because a bear is injured or when a human encounters a mother bear with its cubs. They are also more common in years when there is a shortage of food in the wild. At these times they are forced to come into human settlements to find food.

    The population of the brown bear has declined drastically in recent years because of poaching for skins and fat. Every year, more than 5,000 are hunted in Russia for their furs. Many are also killed by hunters who pay a lot of money to shoot brown bears for trophies.
    The Russian government is considering new laws that would ban the shooting of brown bears in the winter, as in some areas they are already extinct.

  • 1. What are brown bears like?
    2. What do brown bears eat?
    3. Are brown bears cuddly animals portayed in cartoons and fairy tales?
    4. Is is usual or unusual to see tourists in Russia walking along paths that bears commonly use?
    5. Where do villagers sometimes go out to gather berries?
    6. Bears often attack humans, do they not?
    7. When do bear attacks occur?
    8. What is the reason for the decline in the population of the brown bear in Russia?