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  • XII. Прочитайте текст и укажите, верны (True) или нет (False) следующие за ним утверждения.

    California seems to have everything – a beautiful coastline of the Pacific with beaches and mountains and a warm climate. Its largest cities, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the state capital, Sacramento, offer cultural variety.
    The state motto, Eureka (Greek for I have found it ), dates from the Gold Rush of 1849, which brought thousands of people, all hoping to get rich in California. Many Americans see a move to California as a chance to escape from ordinary lives in other parts of America. Every year, 600,000 people come to the west coast. Some people say that the state’s main export is hope and its main import is people. More than thirty million people live in the state.
    Los Angeles is America’s largest city. Its name comes from the Spanish for The City of Angels , because the land was originally claimed for Spain by missionaries in 1781. It became an American city in 1850 when California became part of the United States after the Mexican - American war.
    Approximately 3.8 million people live in Los Angeles. It is a popular place because of its pleasant semi - tropical climate and beautiful Pacific coast. Almost everyone drives to work on the miles of freeways that connect the different areas of this sprawling city. There are about 4 million private cars in Los Angeles, often backed up in long traffic jams. The level of air pollution is one of the highest in the country.
    Suburbs like Hollywood, the centre of movie industry, and Beverly Hills, where famous actors and other celebrities live, have also made Los Angeles a tourist attraction.

    1. California is washed by the Atlantic Ocean.
    a. True b. False

    2. In the XIX century many people moved to Los Angeles to become famous.
    a. True b. False

    3. Los Angeles is a popular place because of its compact size.
    a. True b. False

    4. Some people say that the main state’s export is people.
    a. True b. False

    5. The air in Los Angeles is fresh and clean.
    a. True b. False

    6. Hollywood and Beverly Hills attract many tourists.
    a. True b. False

  • 1false.2.false3.false4.false 5.false.6true.

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