• 1) I ( would/am/will) buy a new coat if I had enough money.
    2) I wish (learnt/had learnt/would learn) more foreign la when I was at school.
    3) If I (will be /were/had been/would be) rich, I would spent my money on traveling.
    4)I wish he (will get/got/would get) better on with his parents.
    5) I wish you (stopped/will stop/would stop) talking at the lessons.
    6)If I (had been/were/am) you I ( would/had/did) apologized for your behaviour.
    7)If I had a lot of money I ( travelled/had travelled /would travel) round the world.
    8)If you (don't hurry/won't hurry/didn't hurry) you'll miss the train.
    9) I wish I ( have/had/had had) more money.
    10) If only I (was having/have had/had had) the chance to study when I was younger.
    11)If I (would be/am/were) in your position, I'd buy a new suit.
    12) If only I ( would keep/kept/had kept) my appointment with the dentist yesterday. I wouldn't have toothache now.
    13)If only you (will/would/wouldn't) make less noise.
    14)I wish I(had been/hadn't been/weren't) disappointed after such an inspiring speech yesterday.
    15) If only you (had been/would be/were) tolerant of each other's moods in your family! You would get on better.
    16)I wish I (had learnt/learnt/have learnt) to trust my own judgments in my childhood.