Корректировка текста

  • Applicants have to take two components of examinations. One component includes three examinations in Tajik, mathematics and history of Tajikistan. The second component includes examinations in biology, chemistry and physics. For admitted in medical university it is necessary to gain 350-500 points for all 6 objects. To entrants add 100 points in the presence of a gold or silver medal.
    Academic year begins on September 1 and is divided into two terms: autumn and spring. After each term students have to take examinations. To receive the “3” it is necessary to gain 18 points, for “4” - 20 points, for 5 - 30 points. Due to the improvement and expansion of methods of reception and check at examinations, many students don't cope with requirements and are deducted.
    Training in Tajikistan, as well as in Russia, lasts 6 years. The first three years all students study at one faculty. At this time students study fundamentals of medical sciences. Further students are distributed on different faculties. Further training differs in nothing from training in Russia. Training in Tajikistan costs $3000 in one year. The few students get a grant.