перфект конт vs past perfect

  • Посмотрите пожалуйста на ошибки. Надо было поставить или паст перфект конт или паст перфект.

    By the time he died, Beethoven had written nine symphonies.
    We chose the Hotel Rio because we had been there before.
    We had been waiting for over an hour when the train finally arrived.
    I was completely out of breath because I had been running.
    I had seen the film before, so I knew how it ended.
    When he got married, he had known Chris for about two years.
    Johnson had been getting ready for the race for two months and finally the big moment came.
    Vivian hadn't been using lessons for very long so she wasn't sure how to use the internet.
    Holly hadn't eaten oysters before, so she wasn't sure what to do with them.
    I had been listening to my new CD for a few minutes when the CD player started making a funny noise.

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