Помогите найти ошибку, пожалуйста

  • Надо поставить выделенные слова в правильную форму.
    Harry didn't have a very good morning. At half past ten he 1)HAVE to go and see the head teacher in his office. His science teacher said that he 2)TALK in the classroom during the lesson but actually, it was his friend, Chris. Harry didn't 3)TELL the science teacher about that. In the afternoon, Harry's class had a history lesson. They all loved their teacher, Mrs. Norton, because she liked telling stories and always told them very 4)GOOD . They had a very interesting lesson about some wonderful castles around England. It was a real surprise when the teacher said, "Friends! 5)AT the weekend our school organises a trip to a castle. Please, 6)NOT/FORGET an umbrella. You will need it if it 7)RAIN." Harry was really excited about the trip. He felt much 8)HAPPY than in the morning.
    Я ответила:
    1) had
    2) was talking
    3) tell
    4) well
    5) at
    6) will not forget
    7) rains
    8) happier

  • Посмотрите еще раз пункты 2 и 6. Исправьте ошибки в них.

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  • В пункте 6 - я согласна, там можно поставить don't forget
    Но в пункте 2 - там же during (во время), значит, будет длительное действие, не так ли?

  • Я думаю, что нет. DURING значит AT (at the lesson). Длительное действие тут ни при чем.
    Я бы поставил глагол TALK в PAST PERFECT, потому что второе действие предшествует первому.