Срочно помогите!!

  • First write an appropriate introductory verb, then report the following sentences.

    1 "You took my bag, didn't you?" - accuse - She accused me of taking her bag.

    2 "l'll bring my homework tomorrow."

    3 "Get out of the room now!"

    4 "The train leaves at 6 o'clock."

    5 "Don't forget to make a dental appointment.”

    6 "Please, please help me!"

    7 "You must give us a call when you get back!"

    8 "l won't help you."

    9 "Would you like to go out with us?'

    10 "lf you do that again, l'll punish you.'

    11 "l didn't break the vase!"

    12 "Will the rain ever stop?"

    13 "First turn this knob, then flick the switch."

    14 "Yes, you're right."

    15 "What about going for a walk?"

    16 "You should go on a diet."

    17 "You mustn't touch the camera."

    18 "Don't cross the road without looking both ways."

    19 "Would you like me to water your plants?',

    20 "Yes, it was me who broke the teapot