помогите пожалуйста.!!!нужно переписать текст в прошедшем времени

  • On Monday we have three double periods. The first class is English . At this lesson we write a dictation and do some exercises. Nick goes to the blackboard. He answere well and gets a “five”. Pete doesn’t get a “five” because he does not know his lesson. After the second double period I go to the canteen. I eat sandwich and drink a cup of tea. After college I do not go home at once. I go to the library and take a book. Then I go home.

  • have ---had
    is ---was
    write ---wrote; do ---did
    goes ---went
    answers---answered; gets ---got
    doesn’t get---didn't get; does not know---did not know
    go ---went
    eat ---ate; drink---drank
    do not go---did not go
    go ---went; take---took
    go ---went

  • спасибо!!!!