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  • Contract No. __
    on student production practice

    Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education " State Agricultural Academy" (hereinafter referred to as FBGU VO " State Agricultural Academy") in the person of Acting Rector of Lobkov V, acting on the basis of the Charter, on the one side, and a student
    (Name of student)
    on the other side_________________________________________________________________________
    (Name of enterprise, establishment or organization)
    (in the person of Head of enterprise)
    have concluded the present Contract as follows:

    1. Subject of the Contract
    1.1 The subject of the Contract is the establishment of the practice procedure for the student of FBGU VO “ State Agricultural Academy”.

    2 Obligations of the parties
    2.1 FBGU VO “State Agricultural Academy” is obliged to:

    2.1.1 Direct to the practice_________________________________________________________
    (Name of practice in accordance with the curriculum on the direction of training)
    the student _____________ course _______________________________________________faculty
    _____________________ form of education and direction of training (speciality) __________________
    (full-time, part-time education) (code and name of the
    ___________________ ___________________________________from «___»____________201__ .
    direction of training (speciality) (Name of student)

    till «___»____________201__ .

    2.1.2 Appoint the leading teachers of the graduating departments (professors, associate profes-sors and senior teachers) as the heads of practice; coordinate the programs and schedules of production practice with the enterprise in due time.

    2.1.3 The head of practice from the part of FBGU VO “State Agricultural Academy” is appointed
    (Name , position, department)
    2.1.4 Provide the student with the educational - methodical and scientific supervision of practice; give the instructions to the student by the department conducting the practice

    2.1.5 Organize the medical examination of the student and arrange vaccinations and immuniza-tions, if necessary.

    2.1.6 Control the organization and conducting of practice directly at enterprises, establishments or organizations observing its terms and content in accordance with FBGU VO on the direction of train-ing and the main educational program at a corresponding profile.

    2.1.7 Provide the enterprises, establishments or organizations where the students have practice and the students themselves with the programs of practice and individual tasks.

    2.1.8 Organize the pre-practice activities (meetings, instruction on the practice procedures and on labour protection and safety).

    2.1.9 Provide the other party with the necessary information on the student passing the practice, namely: passport data, the presence of TIN, number of pension certificate and other information, if nec-essary, and the student’s agreement on transferring the personal data.

    2.2 _______________________________________________________________is obliged to:
    (Name of enterprise, establishment or organization)
    2.2.1 Appoint the head of practice among the leading specialists of the organization for the stu-dent of FBGU VO “State Agricultural Academy”.

    2.2.2 The head of practice from the part of

    (Name of enterprise, establishment or organization)

    is appointed
    (Name , position)

    2.2.3 Familiarize the student with the organization of work at a specific workplace, with technol-ogies, equipment and its maintenance, the economy of production, labor protection and provide the study and mastering of the practice program, assist in the selection of materials for making the report on practice and implementing of coursework (projects) and final qualification works.

    2.2.4 If possible, assign a student to a paid position according to the profile of education:

    2.2.5 Give the obligatory instructions on labour protection and safety: introductory and directly at working place with the registration of the established documentation, organize the training of the stu-dent the safe working methods, if necessary. Provide the student with free food, protective clothes, spe-cial footwear and individual means of protection for the period of practice related to harmful working conditions.

    2.2.6 Observe the discipline of students and inform Academy of all the cases of violations of in-ternal labour regulations made by students.

    2.2.7 Investigate accidents that have occurred at enterprise, establishment or organization with the students in the period of practice together with the head of practice from the part of Academy and take into account at enterprise, establishment or organization in accordance with the Regulation on the investigation and recording of accidents at production process.

    2.2.8 Do not allow the student to perform work that is not provided by the production practice program.

    2.2.9 The duration of working day at practice in the organizations is no more than 36 hours per week for the students aged 16-18 (Article 92 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation), no more than 40 hours per week for the students aged 18 and over (Article 91 of the Labour Code of the Russian federation). For the students aged 15-16 the duration of the working day at practice in the organizations is no more than 24 hours per week (Article 91 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation).

    2.2.10 _________________________________ at the end of practice _____________________
    (Name of supervisor) (Name of practice in accordance with ___________________________________________________ assess the results of student practice
    the curriculum on the direction of training (speciality)
    (characteristic, review on the student with the assessment of his activity signed by the head of practice).

    2.3. Student ___________________________________________________ is obliged to:
    ( Name of student)

    2.3.1 Start the practice within the terms determined by the academic calendar schedule and the order “About the practice” signed by the Rector of FBGU VO “State Agricultural Academy”

    2.3.2 Implement the program of practice and individual task in full volume and within the deter-mined terms.

    2.3.3 Perform the rules of internal labour regulations acting at the enterprise, rules of residence in the hostel and norms of labor protection, safety rules, production sanitation and fire; be an example of organization, discipline, courtesy and diligence, show professional competence in the process of work and culture.

    2.3.4 Undergo a medical examination having a compulsory health insurance policy.

    2.3.5 Get a student characteristic from the head of practice at the enterprise; sign and seal it.

    2.3.6 Participate in scientific research, seminars, conferences, etc.

    2.3.7 Submit to the head of practice from the Academy the report on the practice and other re-porting documentation (practice diary, traveling certificate (arrival and departure sheet), review (charac-teristic), required by the program of practice.

    2.3.8 To be certified at the end of practice in due time.

    3 Terms of the Contract

    3.1 The contract comes into force from the moment signing it by the both parties and is valid
    till «____»_____________201

    4 Responsibility of the parties

    4.1 The parties are responsible for non-fulfillment or poor performance of their duties in accord-ance with the procedure provided for by the legislation

    5 Final provisions