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  • Нужно кратко пересказать этот текст, на английском и составить 5 вопросов.
    I never stay in one country for a long time. It gets boring. I like to move on, see new places,
    and meet different people. It's a good life, most of the time. When I need money, I get a job. I can
    do most things - hotel and restaurant work, building work, picking fruit.
    I like to go south in the winter - Cyprus, or perhaps North Africa. Life is easier in the sun,
    and Northern Europe can get very cold in the winter. Last year I was in Venice in October. I did
    some work in a hotel for three weeks, then I began slowly to move south. I always go by train when
    I can. I like trains. You can walk about on a train, and you meet a lot of people.
    I left Venice and went on to Trieste. There I got a cheap ticket for the slow train to Sofia, in
    Bulgaria. It takes a day and a half, but the express was too expensive.
    The train left Trieste at nine o'clock on a Thursday morning. There weren't many people on
    it at first, but at Zagreb more people got on. Two girls went along the corridor, past my
    compartment. They looked through the door, but they didn't come in. The train left Zagreb and I
    looked out of the window for about ten minutes, then I went to sleep.
    When I opened my eyes again, the two girls were in the compartment.
    'Hi!' they said.
    'You're American,' I said. 'Or Canadian. Right?'
    'American,' the taller girl said. She smiled. 'And you're twenty-three, your name is Tom
    Walsh, you've got blue eyes, and your mum lives in Burnham-on-Sea, UK. Right?
    'How did you know all that?' I asked.
    Jennifer Bassett

  • The guy writes to say that he never stays in one country for a long time becase he gets bored.He likes to move on and see new places as well ass] meet different people.
    When he needs money, he usually gets a job. It is a pieace of cake for him because he can do many things.
    Then he goes on to say that last year he went to Venice. He did some work at a hotel there, and then he decided to move southwards. He preferred to go by train because he liked this kind of transportation. On his way he visited Trieste, Zagreb and Sofia.At one point he saw two girls walking along the corridor past his compartment. He was so tired that he went to sleep. When he woke up after a time, he saw the two girls in his compartment. Her struck up a conversation with them and found out that they were American. He was very suprised when they told him all about himself. He was eager to know how they had learnt his background.

    1. Where does the guy like to have a rest?
    2. What does he do when he is in need of money?
    3. Last year he went to Portugal for rest, didn't he?
    4. What means of transportation does he usually take?
    5. What was his itinenrary this time and what happened on the way to the capital of Bulgaria?