Помогите пожалуйста Сопоставить каждое слово с его определением

  • 1. to apply for sth
    2. to employ sb
    3. to fire
    4. to work overtime
    5. to be on sick leave
    6. to work a shift
    7. to be promoted
    8. to qualify for sth

    a. to pay someone to work for you
    b. to force someone to leave their job
    c. to work during periods of time (each day or night)
    d. to spend more than your normal working hours
    e. to be out of work due to illness
    f. to become a suitable person to do a
    g. to get a better job in a company
    h. particular job to make a formal request for sth

  • 1 h,2.a, 3. B, 4 d, 5 e, 6 C, 7g . 8 f