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  • 1 Discuss the situation below in pairs. What might / must can't have happened? If you were the security administrator, what would you like your security system to be able to do?
    At 08.12 the Sales Manager of Avantis plc can't find his company-issued mobile phone (which has an SD card containing sensitive company data). He immediately phones his office to report the loss. Meanwhile, over at Avantis HQ, the Security Administrator sees a security alert on her computer screen, indicating that someone is making repeated multiple incorrect password attempts to connect to the internet from the mobile phone.
    Read part of a memo sent after the incident from the security director to the security administrator, and make a list (in note form) of what the security system can do, or allows you to do.
    but at this point I'm not interested in what might have happened, what must have taken place or what couldn't have OCCurred. I want to know what actually happened.
    Specifically I need to know.
    1 how and when you first discovered that an unauthorised user (UU) was trying to use the device to go online, what action (if any) you took in response and your reasons for such action
    2 at what point you realised that the UU was attempting to install software to download company files, what action(s) you took to Counter this and whether this response was successful
    3. whether you attempted to take over control of the mobile device remotely, whether or not such attempts were successful and why
    4. whether or not you attempted to wipe company data from the device (including the SD card) remotely and if so, how you did it, and which methods (if any) proved successful
    5. if you were able to determine where the mobile was located and in which direction it was moving, if any