• Помогите пожалуйста проверить тест. Свои варианты я выделил:
    1) Excuse me. Is this our staff room?
    a. Yes, it is
    b. Where's that?
    c. Look! What's that?
    d. Sure
    2.What's your cousin's name?
    a. He's name's Josh
    b. His name's Josh
    c. It's Josh
    d. He's Josh
    3. When's your mum's birthday?
    a. It's every day
    b. It's today
    c. It's in November
    d. I like her birthday
    4. A................
    B: Nearly ten.
    a. How is she?
    b. How old is your sister?
    c. How's your birthday?
    d. When is she?
    5............ is in the winter.
    a. August
    b. April
    c. December
    d. February
    6. Dan is an only child. He hasn't got
    a. a sister
    b. a sibling
    c. a brother
    d. a cousin
    7. Ben lives in London. He is ........British
    8. The whale isn't a small animal. It's
    a. gigantic
    b. very big
    c. little
    d. enormous
    9. This is my little cousin. Give ..... a bar of chocolate.
    a. she
    b. him
    c. her
    d. his
    10. That is ........new bike. Isn't it beautifull
    a. Kate
    b. him
    c. my
    d. Cindy's

  • 1 d 2. C3.c b4. ?5 cd6.b 7.8 B 9 c b10c d
    Вообще, в тесте должен быть один ответ. Или там написано, что может быть больше?

  • Спасибо большое! Может быть и больше ответов, условия не написаны.

  • Простите, а на такой вопрос, какой будет правильный ответ? Мне кажется, что первые 3 ответа.
    Is there a dog in the garden?
    a. Yes, there is
    b. Yes, there's
    c. No, there isn't

    d. No, there aren't

  • Нет, а,с. В кратком ответе только такие формулировки.