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  • Здравствуйте. Как перевести выражение в контексте научной статьи по психологии?
    1. Out of Touch and Out of Synch.

  • 2. Stunts Motivation

  • Как насчет предложений?кусочка текста?

  • Это заголовки подпунктов. Например
    Out of Touch and Out of Synch
    Recently, I watched an entire family in a restaurant eat dinner in stoney silence, as each member glared intently at smart phones. In fact, most of the children in the restaurant were eyeballing some kind of screen. One teenager, chatting on her cell phone, shoved her way out of the restaurant, nearly knocked over an elderly couple.
    Basic human interactions—thoughtfulness, kindness, courtesy—were completely absent among the youth. Worse, their parents supported their behavior by modeling their own insensitive tech dependent behaviors.

  • Stunts Motivation
    Motivation toward achieving personal goals in life, which requires drive, sustained attention and high levels of frustration tolerance, declines rapidly. Like any addict, as kids become more dependent, they start to neglect themselves and their future. Watch what happens when tech addicted kids are suddenly forced to interact with the world. They quickly grow discontented and irritable. That’s because, unlike technology, they can't control the real world or the people in it. As a result, when faced with difficult life choices, tech dependent kids are likely to suffer symptoms of anxiety or depression.

  • Видите ли, первое выражение--это перефразированная пословица out of sight, out of mind.Что по -русски : с глаз долой, из сердца вон. Соответственно, тут с юмором и включая технический прогресс, дословно не прикасаясь, не трогая руками, выпал из синхронизации. А не дословно:из рук долой, из жизни вон.(примерно так). Смысл, не дай ему гаджет в руки, он и жить не сможет, жизнь лишена смысла.

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  • Stunt --останавливать, задерживать рост. Мотивация на обоих языках --термин психологии. И речь в кусочке о том же. Исчезновение мотивации.

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