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  • 4. (B, C) Make the action of the following object clauses simultaneous with the principal clauses. 1. I thought you (to have) better sense. 2. She could not imagine what he (to do) there. 3. forgot what he (to look) like. 4. I did not know whether the doctor (to mean) what he (to say) or whether he (to have) a joke at my expense. 5. What surprised me was that Pat (to be) so much at home here. 6. He asked me what work I (to do) and whether (to intend) to go to a university. 7. I was surprised you (to know) my name. 8. He told his father that now he (to make) ten dollars a week less. 9. The last two weeks she had been saying to everyone phoned her that she (to be) unwell and (not to leave) home. 10. When I knew him better he admitted that he (to feel) lonely in London. 11. She wanted Wired to forbid wang park alone. She said it (to be) dangerous.

  • Had, was doing, looked, meant was saying, had, was, was doing, intended, knew, was making, had been , wasn't leaving, felt, was.
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