Текст милой песенки :)

  • Всем привет!
    Попробовала записать текст понравившейся песенки из видео https://vk.com/video-13358257_159841371
    Будьте добры, проверьте, всё ли я правильно расслышала.
    Буду безмерно благодарна :)

    My father and mother don't look like each other
    But my baby brother looks a lot like we
    We're a family
    (Friends and family)

    Good friends are forever
    When we are together
    We laugh and play
    And every day is really so much better
    Happy as can be
    Friends and family
    (Friends and family)

    I have a cat to play with
    A dog to run all day
    A sister who can fly
    It's true
    So can my baby brother, too
    Happy as can be
    We're friends and family
    (Friends ad family)

    Good morning
    How are you
    I'm happy to see you
    Together we can dance and sing
    Do all the things that we do
    Come and play with me
    Friends and family

    I love my Mum and Dad
    And I'm sad when they feel sad
    And they love me too
    I know they do
    And that makes me so happy, too
    Happy as can be
    Friends and family