Mass Media: Good or Bad

  • 1) The word in capitals above each of the following sentences can be used to forma word that fits suitably into the blank space. Fill each blank in this way.
    1) Why did you come to such a...
    2) BBC means British ...Corporation.
    3) How many... teeth have you got? Two!
    4) The teacher asked us to write a ...of a book
    5) He is a well-known...
    3. Write the following sentences in reported speech.
    1 She said, He turned out a good pianist
    Her teacher said, T am not going to ask you
    Are you kidding? she asked
    She wrote, Stay at this hotel?
    I asked, Where are you living now?

  • 1) Why did you come to such a...
    Вам надо взять словарь и посмотреть все слова с таким же корнем. Поскольку стоит артикль, нам нужно существительное conclude--conclusion.