Gerund,help please

  • Use the gerund in the required form instead of the infinitive in brackets.
    1. Gil Tullock was never tired of (to look) at his wife. 2. I wasn't keen on (to wash) this kind of dirty linen in public. 3. He'll be afraid of (to think) ungrateful. 4. ...he came back to town in a poor way, and went about with pathetic attempts at.(to make) 'the best of a bad job. 5. The clothes were washed elsewhere: in here they were but aired before (to put on). 6. Warren wants me to go home and give up the idea of (to go) on the stage. 7. They would send out for coffee and sandwiches, and after they had finished (to eat), it would be around seven o'clock. 8. Here, they felt, was someone worth (to take) a little trouble over. 9. He was so young, so gay, he laughed so merrily at other people's jokes that no one could help (to like) him. 10. I beg the House's pardon for (to be) so long in (to fulfil) my task.11. I seem honoured in (to permit) to draw the attention of all the parties to this.

  • 1 looking 2,4,6,7,9 --так же.

  • 3.being thought (passive ),5 being put on (passive )10 having been, fulfilling, 11.being permitted