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  • Emergency
    Accidents can be caused by carelessness, by inappropriate personal protective equipment or by inexpert handling of appliances and also some dangers that cannot be eliminated, e.g. list, low visibility caused by fog etc.
    Any fire which breaks out in spite of all the precautions remains restricted to its originating area. Experience teaches that a large fire on board can no longer be extinguished with the means available on board.
    Because of the large size of the cargo holds that often contain large amount of combustible substances the restriction of fire is not always possible. If the cargo hold transverse bulkheads are not constructed as fire boundaries, spread of the fire to adjacent compartments cannot be ruled out.
    Fixed fire alarms permit early recognition of an outbreak of fire. Closures for loading hatches, accesses, ventilation inlets and outlets permit prevention of the ingress (доступ) of atmospheric oxygen. Fixed fire fighting installations allow the fire to be restricted to the cargo hold in which it broke out.
    The work of emergency squad often does not make sense as the seat of the fire is not free accessible. Spread of the fire is made more difficult or prevented by water-cooling the closures, transverse bulkheads and decks.

    I. Make up 5 special questions to the given text.
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  • 1. What can accidents be caused by?
    2. What does experience teach?
    3. Why is the restriction of fire not always possible?
    4. Why does the work of the emrgency squad often not make sense?
    5. On what condition cannot the spread of the fire to adjacent compartments be ruled out?
    6. When can the ingress of atmospheric oxygen be stopped / prevented?