Participle 1

  • Exercise 66.
    Change the complex sentences given below to use
    Participle 1 according to the examples and translate them into Russian,
    a. Example: While the teacher was introducing new words he/she
    explained some of their meanings in English. — 'While introducing
    new words the teacher explained some of their meanings in English.

    1. While Hans Christian Orsted was preparing for an evening lecture
    on 21 April 1820, he developed an experiment. 2. While Napier was
    producing the first logarithmic tables he needed to perform many mul-
    tiplications. 3. The actual internal resistance of a multi-meter must be
    borne in mind when you are measuring voltages. 4. Ground potential
    has to be taken into consideration when you are placing equipment.
    5. One ampere is defined as a quantity of one coulomb that passes a
    point in one second. 6. The specification was originally drawn up for
    use when you were buying an analogue multi-meter.

    b. Example: The electric current that is passing through a wire heats
    it.-The electric current passing through a wire heats it.
    1. An electron that is moving relative to an observer generates a
    magnetic field. 2. Resistors which are using figures are usually high
    precision types. 3. Other expensive tools and equipment can usually
    be substituted with tools or equipment that cost only a fraction of the
    price. 4. There are many people who work at our University. 5. The
    engineer who is carrying out this investigation is a well-known scientist.