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  • For effective usage of the limited emergency equipment available on board, all personnel must be aware of the location of fire-fighting equipment and life-saving appliances and be trained in their use. They must also be aware of the alarm signals, recognize them, and muster at the muster point in case of any type of emergency.
    As you know all the alarms should be well heard in the engine room. It should be remembered that the general alarm will be sounded in the event of fire, collision, grounding, cargo hose burst, major leakage or spillage of oil cargo and some other events. Other alarms could include engineer alarm for unmanned machinery spaces, carbon dioxide alarm, fire detector alarms, cargo tank level alarms and refrigerated store alarm.
    But if your ship's alarms are ringing, often it does not mean that the situation is out of control. Alarms are warnings, which are sounded so that crew onboard take the emergency measures like wearing their life jackets, or gathering at a common point (muster station), depending upon the type of emergency and instructions given to them. There are four emergency teams on a board to handle with any emergency after hearing the certain alarm.

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  • What must all personnel be aware of ?
    Where should all the alarms be well heard ?
    When will the general alarm be sounded?
    What could other alarms include?
    How many emergency teams are there on board?