• буду признателен если проверите на правильность

    Not until you have given your past debt back, will I lend you some money again.
    No sooner had we sat at the table, the order to move out came.
    Not only did he ruin relationship with our neighbor, but also he turned our state into a pariah-state.
    Rarely have I watched such unpredictable film.
    Scarcely had I destroyed the evidence, the police arrived.
    Only then did I realize my mistake.
    Only when you have got rid of all your drawbacks, will you have the right to judge other people.
    Only after I have got a driving license, can I drive my car legally.

  • The relationship, such an unpredictable, only after you have got rid. И очень сомнительно past debt, give back --скорее previous debt, pay back. Но это имхо.

  • спасибо!

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