• Правильно ли выписал?

    a) user is assigned , they are received, information is stored, publisher is freed, could be provided on paper
    b) might be held, businessperson might search, the speed with which it can be accessed, Students can access, publisher can update information instantly, could be provided on paper

    Write out a) verbs in passive, b) modal verbs with the meaningful verbs.
    The major uses of the Internet include communication, research, publishing, and sales.
    Communication. Probably the most popular use of the Internet and the Web is e-mail, also called electronic mail. Virtually every Internet user is assigned an electronic address from which e-mail messages are sent and at which they are received. The Internet carries hundreds of millions of email messages each day.
    Research. The Internet is like a vast library, containing as much knowledge on every subject as might be held in millions of books. Information is available in many forms, from files consisting only of text to multimedia files that combine text, photos, animation or video, software programs, and sound. Internet resources grow larger every day. Because of the ease with which information is stored on computers, and the speed with which it can be accessed, the Internet is a popular first stop for many people performing research. A businessperson might search Internet resources for help in developing sales or product information.
    Students can access databases to find material related to homework assignments or courses of study. Physicians use the Net to compare medical treatments and to review advances in medical science. Scientists share research data on the Internet.
    Publishing. Publishers are increasingly using the Internet as a medium for presenting newspapers, magazines, and books. Because information on the Net is electronic, the publisher is freed from the costs of paper, printing, and distribution. More importantly, the publisher can update information instantly, making it possible to distribute far more current news than could be provided on paper. Sales. Many businesses use the Internet to carry on commerce. Retail establishments sell nearly every type of product over the Internet. Software publishers view the Net as a convenient and inexpensive way to distribute products. Over the Internet, users can buy new programs, sample programs before purchasing them, or receive upgrades to programs they already own. Users generally make Internet purchases with credit cards.

  • 1. is assigned, are sent, are received, might be held, is stored, can be accessed, is freed,could be provided, 2.might be held,might search, can access, can be accessed, ca n update, could be provided, can buy,