Посмотрите правильно или нет?

  • 1. The project (will be finished/will be finish) by February 2013.
    2. Robots (are used/used) in electronic assembly of microchips where precision of movement is essential.
    3. In Belarus there is nowhere (to charge/to be charged) a phone in the public realm.
    4. Projects (are now being discussed/are now being discuss) in scientific literature of using high-power lasers for long-distance space communications.
    5. These projects (haven’t put/have not been put) into effect yet because of the great technological difficulties and the great cost.
    6. But in time these projects (will realize/will be realized) and the laser beam (will begin/will be begun) operating in outer space as well.
    7. More and more people (are becoming/are become) computer-literate.

    1. will be finished
    2.are used
    3. to be charged
    4.are now being discussed
    5.haven’t put
    6.will be realized
    7.are become

  • Предложение 6 не закончено.

    Посмотрите еще раз предложения 3, 5, 7. В них ошибки.