Прошу помочь

  • Use the gerund or the participle in the required form instead of the infinitive in brackets.
    1. She left the room (to murmur) something incoherent about (to bicycle) down to the village. (S. M.) 2. She seemed to be on the point of (to discuss) whether I was a satisfactory person. (Bates) 3. As I stood (to hesitate) in the hall with all this (to pass) through my mind, Caroline's voice came again. (A. Chr.) 4. She and I were supposed (to work) together in the evening (to take) round suppers, (to tidy) the ward and (to clean) things. (M. D.) 5. "Well, dear," said Miss Marple, "it is much easier for me (to sit) here quietly than it was for you." (A. Chr.) 6. She rose and stood (to look) at him, her face quite expressionless. (F. F.) 7. (to recover) from her surprise, she soon came out again. (White) 8. She watched him through the window (to walk) alone. (White) 9. They had not very long to wait however before the door opened and Miss Packard came in (to apologise) as she did so. (A. Chr.) 10. (to talk) of Bill, is he expecting me? (P. W.) 11. While (to wait) for the door to open, he was conscious of extreme quietude, broken by a clock chiming four as if with the voice of Time itself. (Galsw.)

  • Кроме 7 (having recovered ), не вижу никаких сложных форм. Поэтому сомневаюсь, права ли я, зачем давать такое упражнение.