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  • In the 1890s, Lenin travelled western Europe to meet with Marxists and socialists outside of Russia. While there, he collected several publications that were illegal to own in Russia and then distributed them to the Russian people in an early display of serious activism. This action led to his getting arrested, but he was given no legal representation and detained for a year before he was even sentenced. Lenin took this year to write and work on his political theories, giving the system a metaphorical finger in its eye.

    Что означает выделенный участок?

  • give somebody the finger — give sb the ˈfinger idiom (NAmE, informal) to raise your middle finger in the air with the back part of your hand facing sb, done to be rude to sb or to show them that you are angry

    v (vulg) 1. грязно выругать коголибо 2. сделать неприличный жест, обозначающий fuck off q.v. cf.finger wave