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  • Caffeine is a natural stimulant found in green tea, cacao and coffee and in other foods: sodas, chocolate and caffeine pills. Over 100 000 tons of caffeine are consumed around the world every year. Coffee consumes so much that is compared with the weight of hundreds of buildings.
    Caffeine is it magic product which affects health both positively and negatively. Caffeine get us feel focus, happy and energetic. But caffeine has different side for health, it can raise your blood pressure and you can feeling anxious. In the body, caffeine acts as stimulant for the central nervous system. It keeps us awake by blocking one of the body's key sleep-including molecules, a substance called adenosine. Every body need energy, which it gets by crushing a molecule called ATP, also in human brain has receptors suitable for this molecule. When adenosine connect to these receptors, it activates cascade of biochemical reactions that’s why state of human more sleepily, but caffeine is called an adenosine receptor enemy. Because caffeine and adenosine have a similar structure and caffeine can be placed in adenosine receptors. After this process caffeine is start to stimulate you.
    As we can noticed, drinks which contain caffeine is very famous various country. Even each country has rituals which to accompany the consumption of their favourite drinks, tea and coffee. Just think about Japanese ceremony of tea, British afternoon tea and morning coffee ritual in countless societies. Without caffeine we can't to image how to wake up and to be ready for productively work day.

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