Есть ли ошибки?

  • i would like to give a talk about my family. My family is not very big. It consists of my mother, grandmother and me. but grandma doesn't live with us, I often go to visit her.\ when I come to my grandmother, I try to help her around the house. she has a dog I like to walk with and two cats: a lazy fat Theme and an active black Bus. My mother's name is Olga. I believe that she is very beautiful and kind. My mother is quite short. she has brown eyes and light hair. My mother is fond of watching interesting movies. Since she works a lot and gets tired, I try to perform all household duties: clean the apartment, wash clothes. And also I love to cook pies and other Goodies, but unfortunately for cooking I have very little time, as I prepare for exams. I also include a godmother and a godfather in my family. they have a son and a daughter, they are my cousin and sister. usually we meet in the summer in their country, where we can fry kebabs, ride a motorcycle.

  • light hair--fair/blond hair, to perform all household duties:--to do the chores, to help around the house , I love to cook--cooking unfortunately for cooking I have very little time,-- I have little time for cooking.(порядок. they are my cousin and sister--they are my cousins. usually we meet--we usually meet, in their country? --в стране? In the village.