• Rewrite the sentences in the plural form:
    1)I am proud of my son-
    2) There is lamp in the room-
    3) That is a watch-
    4)My friend goes to the gym-
    5)How much does this picture cost?-
    6) It is a sheep-
    7) Look! That students book is the same as mine-
    8)He is a policeman-
    9) In her childhood my sister was afraid of dogs-
    10) She has a beautiful dress-

  • 1)I (we)am(are) proud (не меняется) of(не меняется)my ( our) son- (sons)
    2) There (не мен.) is (are) a (убираем во мн.ч.)lamp (lamps) in the(не мен) room-(rooms)
    3) That is a watch- Those are watches.

  • Мой друг ходит в спортзал – Наши друзья ходят в спортзал. Our friends go to the gym.