Поставить во множественное число

  • Rewrite the sentences in the plural form:
    1)I am proud of my son-
    2) There is lamp in the room-
    3) That is a watch-
    4)My friend goes to the gym-
    5)How much does this picture cost?-
    6) It is a sheep-
    7) Look! That students book is the same as mine-
    8)He is a policeman-
    9) In her childhood my sister was afraid of dogs-
    10) She has a beautiful dress-

  • Я не профессионал, поэтому пусть кто-нибудь поправит, если где ошибся.

    1) We are proud of our sons
    2) There are lamps in the room(s)
    3) Those are watches
    4) Our friends go to the gym(s)
    5) How much do these pictures cost?
    6) They are sheep (слово sheep не меняет форму)
    7) Look! Those students books are the same as mine.
    8) They are policemen
    9) In their chilhood my sisters were afraid of dogs
    10) They have beautiful dresses