срочно помогите

  • Revision (Infinitive, Complex Object/Subject, Participle/ Conditionals)
    1. Supposing someone ________________ (tell) you that you ______________ (not/be) cut out for your job, how __________________________ (you/react)?
    2. If you _____________________ (listen) carefully to his directions, you _______________________ (not/be) lost now.
    3. But for the awful weather, we _______________________ (spend) more time __________________(sail).
    4. When you _____________________(go) abroad, always remember ________________ (take out) good travel insurance.
    5. If you _____________________ (arrive) in Japan three months ago, you ______________________________ (see) cherry trees in bloom.
    6. If I _________________ (be) rich, I ___________________ (quit) my job and ______________________ (travel) the world.
    7. I’d rather you ____________________ (ask) for permission before _____________________ (borrow) my car.
    8. ___________ (feel) exhausted after the flight, I dropped off as soon as I got to the hotel.
    9. After a few years of traveling by tube, I _________________ (get/used) ______________________________ (people/ignore) each other.
    10. We ___________________ (not/stand) by the side of the road at the moment ________________ (try/get) a lift if we ________________(have) a spare tyre with us.
    11. I wish I ___________________ (see) him again!
    12. I saw his red mini-van ________________________ (disappear) in the distance.
    13. They seem ____________________________________ (forget) about the appointment. I wish I ________________________________ (remember / call) them in advance.
    14. I could hear loud voices. Somebody seemed ___________________ (argue) upstairs.
    15. I ______________________________ (consider / move) abroad one day.
    16. Do you approve … _____________________________ (he/ sell) the house?
    17. I got my husband _____________________ (put) up some shelves in the kitchen.
    18. They don’t allow _____________________ (park) in front of the building.
    19. My parents always ______________________ (encourage) me __________________ (think) more for myself.