Check the test, please!

  • I did the test, could you check, please?

    2 Write the verbs in brackets in the Past Perfect Simple or Past Perfect Continuous.
    0 She looked tired because she had been running (run) for two hours.
    1 I couldn’t open the suitcase because I had lost (lose) the key.
    2 She had a good tan because she had been sitting (sit) in the sun all morning.
    3 Paula couldn’t use her debit card because she had forgotten (forget) her PIN number.
    4 We had been waiting (wait) for over an hour before the repair truck arrived.
    5 When the policeman asked for my ID card, I said I had left ( leave) it in my hotel.
    6 Their boots were dirty because they had been playing ( play) football all morning.
    7 I couldn’t stop the car because the brakes had failed (fail).
    8 The garden was all white because it had been snowing (snow) heavily all night.
    9 She started to cry when I told her her dog had died (die).
    10 I got to work late because I had woken up ( wake up) late that morning.

    4 Write which types of activity the sentences describe.
    a) temporary activity b) permanent activity
    c) finished activity d) unfinished activity
    e) single event f) repeated or prolonged event

    0 Mike is always making jokes. f - repeated or prolonged event
    1 He’s painting my bathroom. d - unfinished activity
    2 He was born in Colombia. e - single event \ a -permanent activity ??? ( I am not sure)
    3 She never stops talking! f - repeated or prolonged event
    4 Her parents live in Portugal. a -permanent activity
    5 I’ve had four cups of tea! c - finished activity
    6 Then she dropped the bag. e - single event
    7 Linda was writing a business letter. a - temporary activity
    8 She sings like a bird. b - permanent activity
    9 I’ve finished the first part. c - finished activity
    10 He’s broken the wine glass! c - finished activity

    5 Complete the sentences using used to or would.
    0 I used to be very enthusiastic. I would arrive at the office at 7 o’clock every morning.
    1 Every spring they would organise a flower show in the village.
    2 They used to live in that little cottage on the hill.
    3 Every time it rained, we would take our chairs into the house.
    4 My grandmother used to have black hair.
    5 This village used to be in Russia but now it’s in Ukraine.
    6 How much did \ would you use to pay for a cinema ticket in 1942? ( I have some doubts)
    7 She used to be called Linda Green until she married Mr Brown.
    8 My parents would carry me home in their arms.
    9 He used to be very good at maths but now he’s hopeless!
    10 My uncle used to have lots of hair on his head.

  • 5/6 did...use to, 4/6 single, 4/1 temporary?