To be

  • Всем привет! Помогите пожалуйста с глаголом To be.
    1) … not tired.
    2) Look! There…Carol.
    3) …Ann at home yesterday?
    4) He…hungry.
    5) It….cold today, isn’t it?
    6) …you afraid of dogs? – Yas. I …
    7) What…this?
    8) Mike and Paul…at school tomorrow….they at school two day ago.

  • Насчет последнего предложения я не совсем понял, может кто другой подскажет.

    1) I am not tired.
    2) Look! There is Carol.
    3) Was Ann at home yesterday?
    4) He is hungry.
    5) It is cold today, isn’t it?
    6) Are you afraid of dogs? – Yes. I am.
    7) What is this?