Приглашение на мероприятие и варианты при согласии или отказе

  • Вот, собственно, само приглашение

    Hello! Dear Abigail, you are famous athlet, we need your experience and skill.
    We would be very pleased if you could visit our Annual Marathon on
    Saturday, the 18 of April at 10 a.m. We are confident that your experience
    will help us achieve our desired goals. To find out more, go to our page by
    clicking here http://. We await your reply with interest.

    Тут, как мне кажется, все в порядке, смущает, не часто ли я употребляю слово "experience", может его заменить на какой-нибудь синоним?

    При согласии собеседника

    That's great news, Abigail. Can you give me your phone number? We'll call you to discuss details.

    И при отказе

    Too bad, we expected you to support us. Can you give me your phone number?
    We'll call you, maybe your plans have changed.

    Тут смущает "changed"

    Будьте добры, проверьте и подкорректируйте.