Проверьте пожалуйста задания

  • Вставьте артикль а/an где необходимо
    1) Children drink ... coffee with ... milk.
    2) A cow eats grass in ... field.
    3) A cat has a long tail.
    4) A dog likes .. meat and ... bones.
    5) ... snow is white and soft.
    6) A fish swims in water.
    7) I write a letter on a papper in .. ink.
    8) A piano makes ... music.
    9) He writes about ... love and ... hatred.
    10) A orange grows on a tree.
    11) A car runs on ... petrol.
    12) ... sugar is nice in a cup of ... tea.
    13) We eat ... soup with a spoon.
    14) We cut a bread with a knife.
    15) A horse is a domestic animal.
    16) ... school has a headmaster.
    17) A tiger is a wild animal.
    18) He likes a jam on a piece of a bread.

  • ) A cow eats grass in ...a field) I write a letter on paper in .. ink) An orange grows on a tree.We cut bread with a knifeHe likes jam on a piece of bread.
    Такаое впечатление, что с потолка взято.не читали про артикли?про исчисляемые и неисчисляемые , про a, an?