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    1 Healthcare facilities in LEDCs are often less able to cope with demand after a natural disaster.

    2 Poorer people may have to risk living in disaster-prone areas, where land is cheap, inorder to make a living.
    >>People from MEDCs live in disaster-prone areas with cheap living that might be dangerous to their life

    3 Factors other than the level of national development influence how severe the impact of a natural disaster on a country is.

    4 Disasters have a greater social impact on poorer people than better-off people.
    >> Disasters effect more on poorer people that better-off people

    5 Infrastructure (e.g. roads, airports, electricity and gas supply) in LEDCs is often of poorer quality, and can easily be damaged or destroyed in natural disasters.
    >>A infrastructure in LEDCs can easily be damaged or destroyed in natural disasters other because of poorer quality

    6 While MEDCs may be better placed than LEDCs to face natural disasters, there may be variation within MEDCs.

    7 In some LEDCs there are only basic water and sewage facilities, which can easily be damaged by natural disasters.
    >>The some LEDCS have a problem with drinking water and sewage facilities , which can easily be damaged by natural disasters

    8 Tourism, which is an important part of the economy in many LEDCs, can be
    particularly badly hit by damage to infrastructure.
    >> Tourism, which give the main income in many LEDCs can be particularly bardly hit by damage to infrastructure

    9 MEDCs have more developed infrastructure, which is very expensive to replace or repair if it is damaged.
    >> replacement and repairing the infrastructure in MEDCs is costly after damage

    10 Fewer people in LEDCs have insurance against property damage.
    >> Fewer people from LEDCs sign a contract with insurance company against property damage