Условные предложения

    (условные предложения) open the brackets
    1) If i (not/to be) too busy,I (go) to the concert.
    2) If i (to live) in Brazil,i (to watch) carnival every year.
    3) If i (to be) you. I (to buy) this car.
    4) If you (to be) a poet, you (to become) famous.
    5) If mum(to come) home early,she (to make) a tasty pizza.
    6) If you (to ring) me up, I (to tell) a secret.
    7) If you (not to read) so much,he (not to know) English literature.
    8) If these shoes (not to be) too expensive for me, I (to buy) them.
    9) If he (to be) free tomorrow, he certainly (to come) to our party.
    10) If you (to speak) English every day, you (to improve) your language skills.

  • 1. if i wasn't too busy, i would go to the concert. 2. if i lived in Brazil, i would watch carnival every year. 3. if i was you, i would buy this car. 4. if you were a poet, you would become famous. 5. if mum had come home early, she would have made a tasty pizza. 6. if you ring me up, i will tell a secret. 7. if you had not read so much, he would not have known english literature. 8. if these shoes weren't to expensive for me, i would buy them. 9. if he's free tomorrow, he certainly will come to our party. 10. if you speak English every day, you will improve your language skills.