косвенная речь

  • Можете проверить насколько я правильно сделал упражнение , заранее спасибо.

    He told me, "I want to see you today."
    He told me that he wanted to see me that day.

    My uncle told us, "I bought a new car yesterday."
    My uncle told us that he had bought a new car the day before.

    Mary told her dad, "I will go to the cinema with Helen next month"
    Mary told her dad that she would go to the cinema with Helen the following month.

    "Are you leaving for home?" asked Nick
    Nick asked me if I was leaving for home.

    The teacher asked, "Have you ever travelled abroad?"
    The teacher asked if we had ever been travelled abroad?"

    The student asked, "Will we discuss this matter tomorrow?"
    The student asked if we would discuss this matter the next day.

    The officer asked, "Where are you from?"
    The officer asked where we were from.

    I asked him, "How long will it take you to get to the city centre?"
    I asked him how long it would take him to get to the city centre.

    Peter told them, "Don't leave the door unlocked!"
    Peter asked them not to leave the door unlocked.

    She told me, "Let's go to the cinema."
    She offered me to go to the cinema.

    Jane asked her friend, "Promise to write me every day."
    Jane asked her friend to write her every day.

  • В предложении The teacher asked if we had ever travelled abroad. слово been лишнее.

  • She offered me--suggested

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