Помогите составить 5 типов вопросов к тексту, по 2 вопроса по каждому типу вопро

  • 1. The first step for an American attorney in researching the legal authority in a jurisdiction is a general search using descriptors (words that represent general categories of information). You may conduct a search using a computer if you have access to LEXIS or Westlaw, for example. Or you may conduct a manual search in which you go to shelves of law books and search for statutes, cases, and other types of legal authority that are on point [deal with the issue you are researching.
    2. There are general information sources, also known as secon- dary sources, such as Corpus Juris Secundum [C.J.S.] or American Jurisprudence [Am. Jur.] [both forms of legal encyclopedia) that will lead you to specific cases. You may search by word descriptors (e.g., "wrongful death") in the indices of the encyclopedias for references to specific sections in Am. Jur. or C. J. S. A general statement of the law is provided in the section, and case references interpreting prior cases and statutes are listed in footnotes. Be sure that you also check the pocket parts (updates that indicate the newest decisions). is). In addition, there are also softcover updates that should be reviewed or you may find and use out-of-date decisions.
    3. You can also check other types of materials such as:
    Words and Phrases: an encyclopedic-type set that uses cases to define legal words and phrases;
    federal and state digests: volumes with extensive case law sum- maries that can be located using a key number or descriptive words; and o annotated statute books: code books with cases listed in foot- notes, such as United States Code Annotated [U.S.C.A.].