Нужно поставить предложение в косвенную речь.

  • 1) The guard said to the driver, "Stop!"
    2) He said, "Shall we go for a walk"
    3) She said to him "Please don't leave me!"
    4) Jenny said to Dave, "Please help me with this"
    5) She said to him, "Open the window, please"
    6) Mother said, "How about going for a drive?"
    7) She said, "Let's eat now"

  • 1) The guard told the driver to stop.
    2) He suggested that they should go for a walk
    3) She asked him not to leave her.
    4) Jenny told Dave to help him with that.
    5) She asked him to open the window
    6) Mother invited us to go for a drive
    7) She suggested that we should eat.