Will or be going to

  • ‘1. A: We don’t have any bread.
    B: I know. I __________________ get some from the shop.

    2. A: We don’t have any bread.
    B: Really? I __________________ get some from the shop then.

    3. A: Why do you need to borrow my suitcase?
    B: I __________________ visit my mother in Scotland next month.

    4. A: I’m really cold.
    B: I __________________ turn the heating on.

    5. A: Are you going to John’s party tonight?
    B: Yes. Are you going too? I __________________ give you a lift.

    6. A: What are your plans after you leave university?
    B: I __________________ work in a hospital in Africa. I leave on the 28th
    7. (The phone rings)
    A: I __________________ get it!

    8. A: Are you ready to order?
    B: I can’t decide … Okay, I __________________ have the steak, please.

    9. A: Are you busy tonight? Would you like to have coffee?
    B: Sorry. I __________________ go to the library. I’ve been planning to
    study all day.

    10. A: Why are you carrying a hammer?
    B: I __________________ put up some pictures.