Задание с посивным залогом

  • 1.The counting of income (to make) in time.

    2.Your debt (to pay) and you can not leave the country.

    3.The payment (to transfer) to this banking account.

    4.Granny`s old jewelry (to leave) as a pledge.

    5.These goods (to be sell) immediately.

    6.Ancient coins (not search).still.

    7.Printed money (to eliminate) in China.

  • was made/will be made
    has not been paid
    was transferred/has been transferred/will be transferred
    was left/has been left/will be left
    were sold/have been slod/will be sold
    are still being searched
    was eliminated/has been eliminated

  • А какое задание-то? Надо же писать.