Как образовано слово «superb»

  • Что можно сказать о происхождении и образовании слова superb?

    С английского «superb» переводится как великолепный, роскошный, формант super является международным, но что означает b на конце слова? Каков способ его образования?

  • superb

    1Very good; excellent.
    ‘a superb performance’
    2Impressively splendid.
    ‘the Bey of Tunis was building himself a superb mausoleum’

    Mid 16th century (in superb (sense 2)): from Latin superbus ‘proud, magnificent’.
    Oxforddictionaries. com

  • First Known Use of superb
    1549, in the meaning defined above
    History and Etymology for superb
    Latin superbus excellent, proud, from super above + -bus (akin to Old English bēon to be) — more at OVER, BE
    Merriam Webster online.

  • Superb is related to super, but the b at the end of superb is not the result of any alteration made to super. So how did we end up with this distinct adjective that is only a single letter different from super?

    'Super' vs. 'Superb'
    First, let’s look at super itself. In English it serves as an adjective (“did a super job”); an adverb (“a super funny guy”); a prefix with any of a number of meanings indicating that which is above and beyond what is ordinary (“supermoon”; “a hero’s superpowers”); and a noun formed by shortening any of several words prefixed by super- (such as "superintendent").

    In Latin, super is a part of speech different from all of those—it’s a preposition meaning “above” or “over.”

    Superb derives from the Latin superbus, which means “excellent” or “proud” and is formed by combining super with the Latin element –bus, essentially a form of “to be.” The word is sometimes translated as “haughty.”(Merriam -Webster. com )