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  • The President of the US
    Everyone thinks of the President of the United States (1) ____ the most
    powerful man in the western world. But when the (2) _____ of the 13 former
    British colonies met to draw up the constitution of the new country in 1788, a
    number of them were not sure (3) _____ they needed to have a President at all.
    There were even a few who would have (4) _____ a king, (5) _____ their successful
    war against the British king, George III. The decision was in doubt (6) _____ the
    last moment. One group wanted to (7) _____ the President for life, while another
    suggested that there should not be a President, because a Committee would
    (8) _____ the country better; the third group would have liked a President whose
    (9) _____ of office would last seven years but who could not stand for reelection,
    because they were afraid he would (10) ______ his time looking for votes at the
    next election. In the end they chose George Washington as President for four
    years and let him (11) _____ for reelection because they (12) _____ him.
    1 A like B such as C with D as
    2 A members Brepresentatives C organizers D chairmen
    3 A how B when C whether D as
    4 A preferred B referred C prepared D preformed
    5 A instead of B in spite of C despite of D in front of
    6 A to B by C after D until
    7 A select B choose C elect D pick out
    8 A drive B govern C operate D manage
    9 A term B time C period D while
    10 A have B give up C waste D spend
    11 A stop B stay C stand D come
    12 A distrusted B committed C trusted D confined

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