Вставить правильное слово

  • 1. Does your watch keep _ ?
    A. Good times B. talking C. being talked D. be talking
    2. You are early.-Yes, but not _ I had intended.
    a A. as early as B. early C. as early D. so early
    3. There's something wrong with my leg.
    a A. can walk hardly B. can hard walk C. hardly can walk D. can hardly walk
    4. Have you got _ work to do?
    A. many
    B. much C. few D. a few
    5. What _ to do next?
    a. A. are you going B. you are going C. you going are D. going you
    6. _ cold in Moscow in winter?
    a. A. Is it B.Does it C. Is there D. Does there
    7. What's the matter?-I _ for David. Have you seen him?
    a. A. look
    B. am looking C. have been looking D.have looked
    8. Yesterday she _ some nice shoes.
    a. A. buy B. buys
    C. bought D buyed
    9. In this office you_wear a tie, it's not necessary.
    a. A.can't
    B. don't need C. don'thave to D. shouldn't
    10. Please, don't give me_more work to do.
    A. some
    B. any
    C.no D. none
    11. I like listening to music.- So _
    a. A.do I B . like l
    C. am I
    D. I do
    12. I'm afraid my clothes are quite wet. I should dry _
    a. A.it
    B. them
    C. their
    D. theirs
    13. Ann_for a job since December.
    a. A. was looking B. is looking C. has been looking D. had looked
    14. What a beautiful dress! I'll buy it if it_too expensive.
    a. A. won'tbe
    B. weren't
    C. isn't
    D.wouldn't be
    15. The house was very quiet when I got home. Everyone_to bod.
    a. A. went
    B. had gone C. was D. has gone
    16. When I saw him he_a letter.
    B. has written C. writing
    D. was writing
    17. When you go through austoms, you luggage may_by a customs officer.
    a. A. be checked B. have checked C. have been checked D.check
    18. You haven't met my sister, _?
    a. A. have you not
    B. have you
    D. do you
    C. didn't you
    19. Could you all stop__? The programmeis beginning now.
    A. to talk
    B. talking C. being talked D. be taking
    20. You shoes ar e terribly dirty, they really need_.
    A. cleaning
    C. to clean
    21. Please, don't wake me up tomorrow morning. Let me a little longer.
    A. sleep
    B.to sleep
    C. sleeping
    D.to sleeping
    22. Why didn't you tell me? - You angry if I had.
    B. were to be C. had been
    23. Why didn't you carry that heavy box? You_hurt youself.
    A. may had
    B. can
    C. could have
    24. Everyone understood. The teacher_
    A.may not
    B. mustn't
    C. didn't need
    25. Many different languages in India.
    A. Speak B. Spoke C. Are speaking D. Are spoken

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