English grammar

  • 1. I (wait) for you for the past hour! What you (do) all this time? 2. While I (walk) to the bus stop I (realize) I (leave) the cooker on. 3. I just (finish) writing a letter when the doorbell (ring). I immediately (go) to answer it because my neighbour (tell) me she (call) round. 4. I (share) a flat with two friends since I (come) to England but I'd like a place of my own. 5. Don't worry. I (give) Mr. Brown your message as soon as he (come) in. 6. We (go) to America for our holiday this year. We think it (be) a complete change because we usually (go) to Europe. 7. The company (not pay) me until I (work) for them for a month. 8. Henry! Good Lord! I (forget) you (come) for supper. I (not buy) anything to eat at all! 9, I (hear) five new jokes since I (be) here. 10. By this time next month we (pass) all the exams and we (be) quite free.
    1. I (use) (ride) a lot but I (not have) a chance to do any since I (come) here. 2. If you (leave) out the epilogue you can't really say you (read) the whole book. 3. As the ship (sink) fast he (jump) overboard, together with the rest of the crew who (be) still alive. 4. The police still (interrogate) the criminal whom they (catch) yesterday. 5. The problem of hunger (exist) for centuries. 6. I (present) him with this album he (be) very surprised. He (say) he (look) for it everywhere for a very long time. 7. Call me on Sot- urday. I (find out) her new address by then. 8. I just (finish) cooking dinner when the children (come) from the stadium. 9. He (work) for Brown & Co. for only two months and then he (find) a better-paid job. 10. What you (do) lately? We (not met) for ages!

  • 1had been waiting, were doing 2was walking, realized, had left 3 had finished, rang, went, told, would call, 4have been sharing, came 5 will give, comes 6are going, will be, go 7won't pay, have worked 8have forgotten, are coming, havenot bought 9 have heard, was 10 will have passed, will be