Помогите, пожалуйста. Грамматика

  • 1. The country has ______ supply of fossil fuels.
    a. an abundant​​​ b. a wide ​​​c. a high

    2. The new regulations adopted by the Government recently are aimed at ______ pollution and minimizing waste.
    a. heading​​​​ b. leading​​​ c. controlling

    3. She was in the back ______ of the car when the accident happened.
    a. sit ​​​​​b. seat​​​ c. chair

    4. The Green Party won four ______ in the new parliament.
    a. sits​​​​ b. seats​​​ c. places

    5. The new stadium will ______ up to 80 000 people.
    a. include​​​​ b. comprise​​ c. seat

    6. Car taxes will now ______ according to the amount of carbon dioxide a particular car emits.
    a. differ​​​​ b. vary​​​ c. change

    7. After the hurricane the Government were seeking financial support from ______ sources.
    a. differential​​​ b. various​​​ c. changeable

    8. In some cases a diet ______ protein is recommended to sportsmen.
    a. rich of​​​​ b. rich with​​ c. rich in

    9. Congress agreed to ______ the National Patriot Act, which limited civil rights and guarantees.
    a. enact​​​​ b. follow​​​ c. obey

    10. Britain spends more ______ on defence than many other European countries.
    a. per person​​​ b. per citizen​​ c. per capita

    11. My father has always ______ good health and he still does sports.
    a. tried​​​​ b. experienced​​ c. enjoyed

    12. A column of thick black smoke could be seen ______ from the town television tower.
    a. rising​​​​ b. raising​​​ c. arising

    13. Bad weather has so far hampered attempts to ______ the vessel.
    a. rise​​​​ b. raise​​​ c. arise

    14. Emma ______ on her back enjoying the sunshine.
    a. laid​​​​ b. lain​​​ c. lay

    15. During the Great Patriotic War many young men ______ about their age to get into the Army.
    a. lay​​​​​ b. laid​​​ c. lied

    16. He had taken off his coat and ______ it across the arm of the chair.
    a. lay ​​​​​b. laid​​​ c. lied

    17. Bruce is very _____ you in a lot of ways.
    a. like​​​​ b. as ​​​​c. alike

    18. Rubens was regarded ______ the greatest artist of his time.
    a. like​​​​ b. as​​​​ c. to be like

    19. The airport in Larnaca was full of anxious relatives ______ nervously ______ news of the missing plane.
    a. expecting… for​​ b. waiting… ---​​c. waiting… for

    20. Investors ______ that the rate of inflation will rise.
    a. expect​​​​ b. hope​​​ c. wait for

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  • 2с,4b....